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You Say Goodbye, I Say Hello

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You Say Goodbye, I Say Hello

Post by Guest on Sat Jun 28, 2014 5:03 am

Dear Extremely Bored Student,
If you're reading this letter you probably need something better to do with your time. Here are some suggestions:
1. Get a pet
2. Make a friend
3. Get a boyfriend/girlfriend
4. Exercise
5. Eat

If you still are interested in my story, then fine, keep reading.

I was raised very poor. Most the time we couldn't afford food let alone new clothes or any heating at all. I remember one year my uncle found a grill on the side of the road and we put it in my home and fired it up to use as a heater. Over the years it did become a little easier to live. My mother got a job at a better restaurant and decided to put as much effort as possible into becoming a chef. I would believe it when I saw it. Soon, I got a letter from Beauxbatons and was all excited. It was the day I bought my secondhand supplies that I met Fiona Miller. I spoke a lot of broken English and French, so I didn't think I would make many friends, but I actually ended up becoming good friends with her. It made me so happy, I honestly couldn't believe I had a real friend. With each year at Beauxbatons we got closer and my mom worked her way up to the restaurant ladder. Now she is sous chef and we live in a nice home. Oh, and Fiona is my girlfriend of two years.(She's kind of amazing) During my time I was an announcer for the quidditch teams and I loved it. If you have any interest in sports, but no talent in playing. Definitely tryout. I suppose that's all I've got.


René Pendlebrook


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