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Pranks Are a Gone

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Pranks Are a Gone

Post by Guest on Fri Jun 27, 2014 4:34 am

Hello World,

I'm off and out of here.  Out to give my sisters a treat.  See the world and go crazy.  Freedom here I come! I don't give advice because I don't believe in advice.  I just ask for it to give myself an alibi.  It wasn't me who added hot sauce to the punch at the Valentine Ball in sixth year and it wasn't me who released the nifflers in the same ball the following year but it sure was good wasn't it?

There may have been a few times I told first years there was a hopping day.  It was a test.  Half passed (the ones who didn't hop).  The rest failed on account they trusted the badge without knowing the witch wearing the badge.  Odd don't you think that I was made prefect when I was caught tricking a first year into thinking my wand turned into a rubber chicken?

I've changed my mind. There is some advice I'll give.  Never, under any circumstances, decide to do something just to annoy your sister or anyone else for that matter if it is something you really hate.  It's sure to backfire.  

There really isn't much more for me to say.  I came to Beauxbatons expecting adventure and met my best friend and eventual something more and lots of victims to prank.  Now I'm leaving with my average grades (I passed didn't I?) and same something more and no ambition and prefectship.  That sure was a blast.  I'm off now to go explode something out in the big wide world.  

Farewell cool school,
Fiona Miller
Pranker extraordinaire


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