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But it's Better if you Do

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But it's Better if you Do

Post by Guest on Tue Jun 24, 2014 8:19 pm

Fane didn't quite like the dressing up part of the formal attire St. Valentine's Dance. It reminded him too much of every family event where he was dressed up and powdered to be shown off as a prize. He preferred his hoodie over the starched collars of his dress robes and tugged at the already uncomfortable robes. He already shared a few dances with some girls, most significant of them all, Mabel, and was feeling a bit blue after their encounter. Tonight was supposed to be his last fun night at the school before he graduated, but thanks to the conversation with Mabel, he felt worried about the future.

He took a break by the punch bowl, swishing around his glass of punch as he mulled over his fast coming future. Upon entering the Grand Hall that day, he had told himself that he was going to enjoy himself to the fullest this night and dance with a lot of beautiful people and maybe kiss them too. Instead, he found his mood hopelessly dampened. That was, until he spotted his favorite person who seemingly dealt out happiness.

"Hey Stark," Fane called, finding his smile as he approached his friend. "Don't you think you're going to get out of dancing with me tonight." He said, taking a gentle hold onto Stark's arm and leading him out onto the dance floor. An upbeat tune was currently playing, which Fane moved clumsily but enthusiastically to. He was feeling better already. "Hey Stark!" Fane started again, this time speaking louder to be heard over the loud music. There was one thing he needed to tell Stark before he graduated.


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