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Post by Guest on Wed Jun 11, 2014 12:15 am

Being an adult came with many bonuses. No curfew, no rules, and alcohol. Of course Payton knew when enough was enough, so he didn't have to worry aboutgoing home completely drunk. He didn't have to worry about the stupid things he could do while intoxicated. But he did like a pint of beer whenever he could get one, no more and no less. But today had been a stressful day and he wanted to change his rule to two beers just for that night. He was still working on his first though, he was almost halfway there. If one more person let the bludgers out of their boxes, he was going to scream.

Tonight was a scheduled hang out with Sawyer so they decided it would be best to meet at the Enchanted Mermaid after they got off of work. Payton was there before his twin brother so he began his beer as he waited for his twin. This was a two beer kind of day.


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