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Meet the Shopkeeper

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Meet the Shopkeeper

Post by Minister Gallifrey on Tue Apr 02, 2013 3:09 pm

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Madame Adelaide Foss
Madame Adelaide Foss grew up in a noble French family who were mighty apt at potion making and owned the shop for many years prior before Madame Adelaide came to be. The witch, although young, is not shy of the talents of her ancestors, though hardly desires the job bestowed upon her. Being the only child in her family, ownership naturally was inherited by her after the death of the previous owner.

The Madame can come across as somewhat of a snob and favors only those with talent in potions making. Remember to keep to your 'P's' and 'Q's' when speaking with her and perhaps dropping a 'madame' every now and then won't hurt your chances for help either.

The Giant Squid of Anger
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Credit to theMonsterGirlofMonsters of Tumblr
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