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The End

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The End

Post by Guest on Sat May 17, 2014 1:07 am

Dear Reader,

I don't understand this fire thing, and I'm not sure what I'm supposed to say, but if anyone happens to pluck this letter out of here a few years from now or tons of years from now you can hear my story. Beauxbatons is said to be a home away from home but it was just a temporary home. I don't think I'll miss it, but I will miss the times spent here (if that makes any sense). I have the best and the worst memories about this place. I suppose I'll start with the worst so by the time we get to the end things will be happy again.

Upon starting my first year here I was a candy crazed eleven year old who couldn't wait to go to the same school as the big brother she so admired. She was so excited to finally be able to see him everyday unlike when she had to stay home during the school year, boy was she wrong. Things only got worse for her, not only did she not seem him everyday like she thought she would but now he was within a few rooms from her every morning and night and no effort was made to see her. Finally she stopped trying and that's when she became friends with just about anyone willing to stand her candy crazed hyperactive behavior. All the while hoping Xavior would stop by once in awhile.

My first friend wasn't actually made at Beauxbatons, I met him in La Petite Dragon while doing shopping before first year. He had funny puffy hair but it suited him, he loved quidditch and loved to wear his bright pink quaffle punchers jersey. He's the one that got me to join the quidditch team, unfortunately for the both of us we were sorted in opposite houses and my role as a beater left poor Charon with many visits to the infirmary. He was my best and for awhile my only friend. Why do I say 'was' you ask? Well he decided to leave and go to muggle school instead, I don't blame him I just miss him.

My second friend was an equally as candy crazed kid as I was. I met him in the candy shop, and I might have told him he was insane because he was putting candy back on the shelf. Ever since then though we were thick as thieves. Oh the candy we shared, the giggles, and the smiles, I kissed him once too (on the forehead the bear told me to). He's always been their for me even after Char left me and recently some mean older boy made him hurt and I felt so useless not being able to cheer him up. We're gonna be friends forever I hope, he's my first friend that's still around if anyone's counting.

My third friend was a girl that almost killed while practicing waving my wand at the shop, okay not killed but I hit her with a box. We haven't stayed as close as Char or Caleb but I think she still likes me and doesn't mind hanging out sometimes. Maybe its my fault we don't hang out as much, maybe it's like with Xavior and I don't make enough effort, I'll have to fix that so I don't lose her in the world of grown ups.

My fourth friend, is that how far I am now? Well she was Marie-Laure and she was the first one I met at school, she was my dormmate. I didn't think she liked me at first cause you know she didn't say much. But after living with someone for seven years you tend to end up pretty close anyways right? Well she is my best girl friend and I feel like I could probably told to her about anything, not to mention she is way better with hair and fashion than I ever could dream of being, she became my captain too and she was the best, (don't tell Osmund).

Finally my last close friend was surprisingly my boyfriend. I don't remember when I met him but it was close to the end of one year when it was really hot and we both decided to go for a swim. I didn't think much of him at the time but we started hanging out some more, and it helped that it was Caleb's friend too, and before I knew it he was practically tied with Caleb for my best guy friend. Sixth year is when things changed though, I knocked him out of the sky the year before (kind of an on purpose accident) and I had been so worried, we ended up kind of cuddling in the infirmary but hey it helped him feel better. I didn't know it at the time but that's when I started to realize maybe I had other feelings for him, then the dance that is too much to explain but now we're dating and I couldn't imagine anyone better. I don't know if he feels the same so I hope we don't split up once we aren't at school, I wonder sometimes if I love him but what would I know right?

Anyways that's me, no future plans but tons of history. Oh yeah and advice? Uh do what you want, play any sport or be in a club, talk to anyone who looks like a possible friend you never know what will happen, and don't let things get you down for too long. Have fun.

The Warrior Princess on the Pitch
The Candy Crazed Ray of Sunshine off the Pitch


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