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Last Days of School

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Last Days of School

Post by Guest on Tue May 13, 2014 10:31 am

It was one of the last dinners of the year. There was no division of tables, so Montagnards and Cerisiers dined together.

There was laughter and just kids being goofy. Even the Seventh Years were doing 'childish' things. And Serah was basking in the festivities.

Even with all the people moving around, it seemed as if most of the older kids had segregated the younger students, which was okay with Serah.

But that left all of the 'under class-men' together.

Serah still hadn't met them all, so she figured it would be good to meet some more of them. "S-s-so..." Serah started, "I'm Serah. What's up?"


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