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Post by Guest on Fri May 02, 2014 7:10 am

This was a palace. This was Princess Christine's domain. She needed to know more of that which could be discovered in her palace. One of those places which had so far been a mystery to her highness was the seventh floor. This was a mere oversight due to the fact that the only classroom on that floor was for a class that even were she old enough would not be one she would find herself in. For what need had Princess Christine to study muggles?

Thus it was that Princess Christine of the House of Cerisier decided it was high time she found out what was hidden on that floor besides items of her life away from the palace. There had to be more than one classroom did there not? An entire floor could not be dedicated to the one subject of study.

She entered the previously unknown domain of the Seventh Floor quietly in her soft soled shoes. They were much more preferable in times like this when she did not wish to have her footsteps echoing down the hallway. Just as the princess suspected, there was more than one door but she did not attempt to enter a single one. Instead she continued down the corridor until she found herself in the predicament of a blank wall.

Christine stepped back and turned around to return the way in which she had come. Alas she was not the only one to go upon this journey. "Pray tell, where you following me?" she asked in an accusatory tone. "And were you responsible for a wall to come upon my path and thus blocking my passage down this corridor?"


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