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Post by Guest on Sun Apr 27, 2014 11:41 pm

Sad. That's how Charlotte Marie felt most days now she made her way down to the silvery Lake that glistened beneath the sun's rays, this made her smile faintly at the scene in-front of her. Charlotte made her way down to the edge of the lake and she sat down looking across the Lake. She offend made these trips back in her first year when she felt lonely, or when she missed home. But now it was because she felt detached from her own family, Especially her mother and Father. Charlotte offend questioned whether her parents actually cared about her. Although she did know that they cared but they never showed it like they used to in her opinion. Ever since she had started Beauxbatons academy her mother had grew distant from her, from remembering that fact she looked down sadly. Her mother would constantly say it was because of the fact that she taught at Hogwarts and her whole family had attend that school and so her half of the family saw it as betrayal. Her father on the other hand thought it was brilliant that she got accept into Beauxbatons academy, that it showed she was able to adapt to new areas and she was curious to know different magical schools around the world. At this Charlotte rolled her eyes and muttered "that's Aurors for you..."

Charlotte looked at the ground and noticed many daisy's, this brought a small smile onto her sad features. Every summer when she was little her mother would sit in the back garden with her and teach her how to make Daisy chains and crowns. Charlotte picked up multiple daisy's and placed them by the side of herself, she started creating a chain. A single tear escaped her eye, it started rolling down her cheek, but charlotte was too deep in thought at questioning herself and how her parents and family acted around her. "am I really that different?" she thought out loud to herself, the silent tears were falling from her eyes freely.


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