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Just Think Happy Thoughts

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Just Think Happy Thoughts

Post by Guest on Sat Apr 26, 2014 5:42 pm

As far as classes in which spells were used went, Defense Against the Dark Arts had to be Marceline's favorite. Of course nothing beat the gross textured Herbology or Potions, in her mind, but DADA possessed a sort of aggression and battle quality that Charms and Transfigurations lacked. She was progressively getting better at the spells and was actually starting to put effort in the class, though her homework quality still lagged. She was almost excited for class that day and even more so when she entered to find a mysterious looking cabinet placed in the center of the classroom. What was possibly in it sparked Marceline's imagination, but all of her best guesses shared one common item; they were going to be practicing on live targets.

Marceline took a seat, eager to being class. As expected they were to be practicing the spell they spent the past two weeks studying; the spell to banish a boggart. Boggarts were supposed to turn into whatever the person feared most, which Marceline wasn't exactly sure what it would be. She always prided herself to be a brave girl, not afraid of ghost stories like the other girls in her old prep school, but this boggart would be a very real thing. And then there was the fact that she had to somehow think of something humorous to turn the boggart in afterwards. As much as she wanted to participate, she felt her heart racing with nerves and sunk back in her seat when the professor asked for volunteers.

"Wanna go first?" Marcelin suggested, elbowing the person in the desk next to her. She put on a carefree facade and added, "Or are you too scared?"


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