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Games!  Empty Games!

Post by Minister Asgard on Tue Apr 15, 2014 10:54 pm

Hello Everyone,

If you haven't noticed yet we have a new area called the Game Hall. In here you can keep track of your characters threads but more fun are the game rooms. These are to be fun and happy places, if we notice someone unhappy with things people are posting they will be removed. We want to bring it to everyone's attention that any and all posts made in both IC and OOC game threads will NOT count for your required amount of posts to get promoted. Because this is confusing we will send everyone a message a week before registration telling them their post count that will be going towards promotions so that nobody accidentally thinks their passing because they subtracted their game posts wrong and is left behind. Please have fun with these games and if you have suggestions of new games to add please don't hesitate to PM a Minister.

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