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Getting Chosen

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Getting Chosen

Post by Guest on Thu Apr 10, 2014 6:41 pm

Milan had so many questions about wands but she decided to keep her mouth shut, Mrs. Fabre looked harried enough as it was. A levitating tape measure was expanding against her "wand arm", and Mrs. Fabre summoned wands one at a time. "Try this one, dear," said Mrs. Fabre, catching a wand midair and handing it to her. "Willow and dragon heartstring, 9-no no," she stopped, noticing a slight twitch and levitating the wand away. "Maple....no, too light on you." The woman might not have been the most organized in the world, but she had quite an eye with wands.

Th stack of disposed wands was fairly tall, but Mrs. Fabre simply adjusted her glasses and summoned with flair. She was handed a wand with thin ridges and a slim, upward curved tip. "12 1/2 inches, blackthorn and unicorn hair-odd combination, if I say so myself-" The wand instantly grew warmer in Milan's palm. She waved it in the air with vigor and it let off a small set of sparks. Milan barely had time to cherish the warmth of the colorful sparks before Mrs. Fabre placed it neatly back in the box. "Yes, yes, this is it, all right, that will be six Galleons and ten Sickles....thank you very much." Fabre said this all very quickly, ushering Milan out the door with her box, smiling wearily and waving. "Have a good day!"


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