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Post by Guest on Wed Apr 09, 2014 5:53 pm

"Hi," Milan grinned to Monsieur Nightingale, who gave her a smile in return and ushered her to a tailor. "Beauxbatons, right?" he asked, clearly having had many other Beauxbaton students come to his shop. "Hold on. I've got your uniform, you'll absolutely love it like everyone else." Milan sensed a note of humorous sarcasm.
Immediately when he brought out the uniform, Milan could see why. It was pretty much a light blue knee-length dress, with a shoulder ruffle thing(she had seen them often before, but could never put a name to it) of the same color. She inwardly groaned at the thought of matching.
"Do you like it?" asked Monsieur Nightingale, seeing the expression on her face. "Don't worry, if you say no you aren't the first," he chuckled good naturedly, walking away.
"I would've preferred a light blue top and dark blue leggings," admitted Milan, "but I mean it could be worse." She worried if that sounded rude. As the tailor measured her, she turned to another Beauxbatons student. "Do you think they'll let us do some decorating with this uniform? I'm thinking gold belt, denim leggings...."


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