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Don't Mind Me, I'm Just Hiding Under Yer Table

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Don't Mind Me, I'm Just Hiding Under Yer Table

Post by Guest on Sat Apr 05, 2014 10:19 am

Juno walked about blithely with no specific destination in mind. He wasn't particularly worried; Juno was experienced in being lost, enough to be leisurely about it. He did want to get to the shops, of course. But he still wasn't quite sure where to go to get there; and what with his tactless behavior, he knew better than to ask the Aunt of the girl he'd bumped into a short while ago who seemed to disapprove of his 'horrendous behaviour'. It wasn't his fault his butterbeer had rather soak her dress than be drank.

So, instead, he convinced himself that wandering around was the best option. Perhaps he'd get lucky and stumble across the entrance, and maybe even lose his mother who may or may not be following him in the process.

A good exploration of the pub later, the boy was still without results. His situation seemed to take a turn for the worst when he spotted his father sitting in a nearby table. He was relaxed and seemed to be enjoying a cup of butterbeer as he scanned the pub. His mother was nowhere in sight. As his father's eyes turned his way, Juno ducked down and crawled under a nearby table to avoid being spotted. It was rather lame, even worse when he realized there was someone occupying said table. "Oh, hi. Don't mind me, I'm just hiding under your table." he greeted said person with a grin.


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Re: Don't Mind Me, I'm Just Hiding Under Yer Table

Post by Guest on Sat Apr 05, 2014 10:36 am

The pub was Ruby's little hang out before the year started, she loved the smells and the people in the pub. It was always so interesting each time she came in, there was always a new smell or a new person to meet. It was a tradition of hers to go to the pub and make at least one friend while there, she had be successful many times. So, she found herself back in the pub and already she had met a blonde girl who she would like to get to know more. After the blonde left, she decided to stay a bit longer. Her books could wait, she wanted to help out some ickles.

She ordered herself a chocolate mousse, a dessert that her and her best friend shared when they were together, and sat at an empty table. She dipped her spoon into the delicious food but before she could bring it to her lips, someone had ducked under her table. She looked under the table to find a young boy. "Hiding from who?" Her curiosity and imagination getting the best of her. "Are you hiding from nargles?" Not many believed in the creatures, but Ruby was one to believe in things others didn't.


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