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Here's A Sickle, Be My Friend!

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Here's A Sickle, Be My Friend!

Post by Guest on Sat Apr 05, 2014 10:15 am

It was hard trying to convince his parents to leave him to get his own school supplies. His mother was being very protective and unreasonable saying she wanted to go with Juno every step of the way. It was a time to bond on this special milestone of her only son, she had insisted. Yet, Juno wanted independence. He could only imagine the embarrassment to be seen by his future classmates dragged around the shops by his mother. In the end, the boy managed to agree on a compromise. They were to bring him up to La Petit only, in which they could pass the time until he was ready to go home.

"Mum, you promised!" Juno huffed, trying to break through his mother's grasp. "I can find my way from here. Go snog Dad and I'll be back before you know it!" he added cheekily, dodging the chastising smack his mother sent his way with a silly grin on his face.

"Oh, fine. Don't you get lost, Juno Schaier. You hear me? I'll send Aurors after you if you won't be back before nightfall." she let go, handing the boy a bag of money. "Here, spend wisely. I added a couple extra allowance for sweets and anything you see that you might like." she winked at him, ever eager to spoil her son before disappearing amongst the crowd. She probably went to find his father, or she went to hide and stalk him just to make sure he was safe. Juno wouldn't put it past her to do that. Huffing at her absurdity, he spun on his heel and hit the bag against a chair, causing a coin to fly out and roll away. He followed it with his eyes as he walked after it leisurely, not very bothered about the whole incident.

He came to a halt nearby and watched curiously as another person got to it before he could, picking the sickle up. Juno decided it was time to make friends. He ought to start on the good side of people. "Yep, you can have it." he offered with a smile even when the person didn't ask him for it. "Besides, it's going to melt in a few hours anyway." he added with a shrug, plastering a serious look onto his face.

After a moment's pause, the boy's face cracked a playful grin as he admitted, "Just kidding, they don't really do that. You can still have it though. Hi, I'm Juno."


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Re: Here's A Sickle, Be My Friend!

Post by Malachi St. Holmes on Sat Apr 05, 2014 11:00 am

Over the summer, Malachi had somehow managed to grow a few inches and when he tried on his powder blue robes a week before the new term was to start, he found them to be inconveniently short by a few inches. Mama had tried to tailor them to the correct length, but it was no use. He'd have to get a new set, along with a few new books and some more parchment.

Malachi hated school shopping. He hated how congested the roads of Amethyst alley was and was always so terribly frightened when his Mama told him to go off and do something on his own. She had told him that he was getting older and eventually he'd have to do things himself so this was just practice. He didn't see why he had to start today. He was, afterall, only twelve.

However, the boy had a pocket full of coins and a list of books to find before he was to meet up with his Mama in the robe shop and a dreadful pit in his stomach as his Mama walked off on him in the pub. Sure, he knew how to get to the bookstore. At least, he thought he remembered from last year. He still wasn't exactly used to Amethyst Alley's set up. He usually shopped in Berlin.

The red haired boy figured that first he needed to get out of the pub as a start, but paused when he saw someone drop a coin. Malachi wasn't in the need of money and knew he shouldn't take what wasn't his but the boy who dropped it appeared to have no intention of picking it up himself. Perhaps he didn't even notice he had dropped it? In that case, Malachi felt obligated to give it back to him.

He stooped down to pick it up and jumped when he heard a voice speaking to him. "Nein, nein, you are mistaken! I had no intention of keeping it," Malachi said, standing up to the boy's height and handing over the silver. "You dropped it." He explained further. He rose an eyebrow as the boy claimed it would melt in an hour anyways. He had heard of leprechaun gold doing that, but never heard of any form of silver sickle. Perhaps it was a gag from Pandora's box? That joke shop Malachi didn't dare go to because it was down whisper alley.

"A joke?" Malachi replied, and laughed nervously. "Well, you can still have it back anyway," He held the coin in his open palm towards the boy. "What a charming name! I got saddled with Malachi, named after my great uncle. But you can call me Kai, if you want." He said and smiled amiably.


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