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In the Middle of Nowhere

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In the Middle of Nowhere Empty In the Middle of Nowhere

Post by Osmund Hollow on Sun Mar 17, 2013 3:29 pm

The assignment on plant life living in the Silver Lake, located right by the school, was going swimmingly, if Osmund did say so himself. Though the boy dreaded the assignment at first, he found that once he had taken the time to sit by the lake with reference book in hand, the assignment was coming along with ease. He was just putting the finishing touches on his homework when the first drop had fallen and landed on his page, smudging the word it had landed on. The Oullett looked up with his dark eyes to the sky and noticed the overcast, taking this as a sign to immediately pack up and head back inside.

He had found that the weather in France was so much more different than it was in Scotland, though didn't want to take any chances with getting his textbook and homework assignment unrepairably water-damaged. With the things made of paper tucked beneath the blue vest of his uniform, the boy started running, noticing that the rain was coming down more steadier. Puddles had seemed to already form and in his haste, the boy had slide an admirable distance across the ground on his bottom. The Oullett let out an involuntary groan at the discuss of the situation. Surely his uniform was ruined and possible his homework as well. What was more was that he was stuck so far away from the school and in this rainstorm.

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