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General Rules

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General Rules

Post by Minister Asgard on Sun Jan 13, 2013 4:28 pm

By signing up for Charm and Grace you agree to follow the rules and regulations listed below:
(*Many rules will differ for adult characters*)

1. Each term is five weeks long and each student character needs at least five posts to pass (first time students only, first years or otherwise), then one more each to pass their returning terms.

2. There is no word count, but there needs to at least be enough content for someone to reply to.

3. Posts must be written in English. No text talk (brb, lol, wtf) and please try to use correct spelling and grammar.

4. Accents are okay but not to the point where your role-playing partner cannot read your posts, aka don't write like "dis in an att'mpt ta show dat dey 'ave an accen'".

5. Foreign languages are allowed in posts but there must be a ooc translation at the bottom of the post.

6. All characters must be witches and wizards with no magical creature blood (e.g. no half veelas/giants). Parselmouths, Metamorphmagi, and Anamagi are reserved for adult characters only, at this time.

7. All swearing is allowed, though if these permissions are abused, this will be taken away. Please be reasonable as well.

8. Drugs or alcohol while pregnant, suicide, rape, incest, serious medical diseases, mental illnesses,  child/spousal abuse, student-teacher relationships, adult-student relationships, cutting/ self-inflicted injuries, eating disorders, illegal drugs or alcohol for underage characters, are all strictly prohibited topics*.

*Some exceptions may be made, but they must be well-thought out and approved by Minister Viridian. Send a PM with the following information and she will confirm or deny your request, or offer ways to make it more acceptable:

What rule is broken:
How will this contribute to their plot:

9. Your character cannot be closely related to or have the same surname as any of the main original Harry Potter characters.

10. You must treat all members with respect. Kind words go a long way.

11. Violence is allowed but will have IC consequences and all descriptions of it must be PG for students.

12. As per canon, students are not allowed to use magic outside of school.

13. If student accounts are left inactive for 2 consecutive terms (10 weeks) they will be deleted

More on Relationships:

1. Students are not permitted to mention sexual activity until their third year.  Most eleven and twelve-year-olds aren't super concerned with relationships or sex, right?

2. Description of romantic scenes should always stay PG for students. If you have to ask if it's okay, it probably isn't.

3. Slash relationships are allowed. Polyamorous relationships are allowed.

4. Students may get engaged if they wish but no students may marry while still in school.

5. No student can be pregnant or have pregnancy scares. No mpreg.

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